Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Alexander the Great

Alexander Wang breaks the mold of what I would consider to be 'traditional' designs. His fusion of glamour and grunge is effortless. I can't think of any other word that epitomises his style other simply "COOL". That 'coolness' embodies a human form in Wang's muse, stylist and friend, Erin Wasson.

Here's my theory... You might be the lamest person in the world, but if you're decked out in a Wang ensemble at least you'll look cool. Alexander Wang not only provides you with an outfit, but also a much needed dose of awesomeness.

When I think of Wang's designs I imagine a stunningly chic girl thoughtlessly chucking on her boyfriends over-worn tee-shirt or blazer. She throws off her heels from the night before and replaces them with heavy, black boot. The result... freaking brilliant!!

When I read my first article on Alexander Wang a spasm of excitement ran through me. I still get that same (slightly crazy) twitch each and every time I see his designs.


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